Hunting the Secrets of the Philippines

Hunting the Secrets of the Philippines. Grab a tea or coffee (tsaa or kape) & enjoy reading. This Fascinating post uses art, anthropology, history to explore how the authors understanding changed.

Kali Nyamat: Java’s Muslim Warrior Queen

PoP's textual historian Wayan Jarrah Sastrawan looks into the life and career of one of Java's great leaders: the 16th-century queen of Jepara.  The history of Java has no shortage of powerful women rulers, from the 14th-century queen Dyah Gitarja, whose imperial conquests can be role-played in the strategy game Civilization VI, to Megawati Soekarnoputri, former president and … Continue reading Kali Nyamat: Java’s Muslim Warrior Queen

The Art of Dating in Javanese History

PoP's textual historian Wayan Jarrah Sastrawan explores the aesthetic uses of time in Javanese historical traditions. Universal history has no theoretical armature. Its method is additive; it musters a mass of data to fill the homogeneous, empty time. Walter Benjamin, ‘Theses on the Philosophy of History’ Memorising dates is one of the worst things about … Continue reading The Art of Dating in Javanese History